wastewater is the untapped fuel of
the biomanufacturing revolution.

Hyfé uses nutrients washed away in food manufacturing wastewater to power the creation of sustainable chemicals, materials, fuels, and foods.

transforming carbon we have
into carbon we need.

The glucose needs of the bioeconomy are forecasted to outpace supply over the next 10-20 years. Future feedstocks must come from underutilized waste streams that are abundant, low-cost, and non-disruptive to food and agricultural systems.

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We make feedstocks of the future

LOWER OPEx for food manufacturers

Wastewater management is outpacing inflation in cost, water scarcity is on the rise, and capacity for waste treatment is low. Hyfé enables food and beverage manufacturers to reduce wastewater generation and increase recycled water usage, reducing exposure to risk and overall costs.

cheaper inputs for biomanufacturers

Biomanufacturing can solve some of the most pressing challenges facing humanity – but it’s too expensive. The feedstocks that power bioproduction account for a significant portion of operating expenses and are vulnerable to supply chain disruptions.

better products for the planet

Hyfé converts nutrient building blocks in wastewater into easy-to-metabolize feedstocks for biomanufacturing. Our ambitious, mission-driven team is engineering solutions to the toughest challenges in alternative feedstock development, like compositional variability. Our solution will be propel the success of the bioeconomy.

Our team

Michelle Ruiz
Michelle Ruiz
CEO and Cofounder
Chemical Engineer
Andrea Schoen
Andrea Schoen
CTO and Cofounder
Bioengineer, Patent Agent
Corey Patz
Corey Patz
Director of Business Development
Chemical Engineer
Jason Shnipes
Jason Shnipes
Associate Director of R&D
Chemical Engineer

join our team

We’re growing quickly, building a high-performing team that is driven by our mission and eager to take Hyfé to the next level. If this sounds like you, we’d love to talk.

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